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AGU Hydrogeophysics Technical Committee
The AGU Hydrogeophysics Technical Committee meets during AGU meetings - these meetings are open to all. Please contact Niklas Linde if you are interested in attending these meetings.



Hydrogeophysics involves use of geophysical measurements for estimating parameters and monitoring processes that are important to hydrological studies, such as those associated with water resources, contaminant transport, ecological and climate investigations. Improved characterization and monitoring using hydrogeophysical techniques can lead to improved management of our natural resources, understanding of natural systems, and remediation of contaminants. The Hydrogeophysics Technical Committee was developed to organize and direct hydrogeophysical activities at AGU meetings, and to interface with other professional organizations who focus on the use of geophysics for other near-surface investigations.

We are part of the AGU Hydrology Section.

The Committee meetings during the Fall AGU are open to everyone that is interested in being involved

Past Chairs

2013-2014: Niklas Linde (Chair), Lee Slater (Deputy Chair)
2009-2012: Kamini Singha (Chair), Niklas Linde (Deputy Chair)
2006-2008: Andrew Binley (Chair), Kamini Singha (Deputy Chair)
2003-2005: Susan Hubbard (Chair), Andrew Binley (Deputy Chair)

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